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Western Asset Protection, Inc. is a family owned and operated insurance brokerage firm specializing in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement products. We are able to assist independent insurance professionals by providing a portfolio of strong Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement products to meet your clients needs.

Agent Resource Center

In our Agent Resource Center, we give you all the pieces you'll need to help your clients and we'll help you put those pieces together. Obtain the most current product information, product forms, and more for Medicare Advantage Carriers and Medicare Supplement Carriers. Our mission at Western Asset Protection is to provide the most comprehensive system of professional training tools, products, and sales support in the Medicare market.

You'll find it all by logging in to our secure and safe Agent Resource Center area.

Calendar of Events

Upcoming events to help keep you up to date on the latest products and topics.
Date Title [?]
08/13/2015Humana: New Agent F2F Certification Training (TUC)SemMore Details
08/21/2015Humana: New Agent F2F Certification Training (PHX) SemMore Details
08/25/2015Humana: Outreach Training (PHX)SemMore Details
08/26/2015Humana: Outreach Training (GUIDANCE CENTER)SemMore Details
08/27/2015Humana: Outreach Training (TUC)SemMore Details
08/28/2015Humana: Outreach Training (PRESCOTT)SemMore Details
09/09/2015Cigna Medicare Advantage 2016 Benefit Roll Out Meeting More Details
09/09/2015Humana: 2016 AEP Rollout Meeting (TUC)SemMore Details
09/16/2015Humana: 2016 AEP Rollout Meeting (PHX)More Details
09/17/2015UnitedHealthcare: 2016 AEP Rollout Meeting (PM)SemMore Details
09/17/2015UnitedHealthcare: 2016 AEP Rollout Meeting (AM)SemMore Details
09/17/2015Humana: 2016 AEP Rollout Meeting (PHX)SemMore Details
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Up-to-date carrier news and activity information.

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